Ananda Temple in Myanmar

Ananda Temple in Myanmar

Buddhism Articles. Some of us have a religion to hold; Moslem who prays in the mosque, Christian in the church and Buddhism in the temple. Temple is a holy place for Buddhist. We, who are not Buddhist, usually visit different temples around the world to see how unique the structures are.

What are inside of the Ananda temple?

If you live in Myanmar, you can find Ananda temple that is located in Bagan and see how elegant and amazing the temple is from the outside which simply created by Mon architecture that if you walk inside the temple you can find the large place divided by four side houses. Do you know that there are different gods standing at the four sides? The south side, you can find Kassapa standing there, Kakusandha from the north side, Konagamana from the east side, and Gautama from the west the side. Sometimes, they hold a kind of festival which is so fun! You can have a moment and see something you haven’t seen before.

What’s the story behind Ananda temple?

Ananda temple was built because of King Kyanzittha and there was a legend saying eight monks who arrived to the palace were begging for alms and told the King that they had lived in the Nandamula Cave temple in Himalaya and the King was fascinated. He invited the monks to return to his place and the monks, with their meditative powers, they showed the King the mythical landscape of the place they had been. King Kyanzittha was overwhelmed by the place they showed and had a desire to build a temple which would be cool inside in the middle of the Bagan plains.

We all have desire if we want something so badly and so did King Kyanzittha, having loads of idea about how he was going to build the unique building the Buddhism and the people around the world can visit and enjoy but whatever the story behind the Ananda temple is, we have to appreciate the people who built it until it becomes so unique like that.

Why must we visit the temple?

One of the largest temples in Myanmar is the Ananda temple and if we go there, we can get so many knowledge we didn’t know before because curiosity will consume you! You must be wondering when you arrive there, it will be so boring just to stare at the Buddha, but how can’t you get curious when it comes to legends and mythology? You can take an aesthetic pictures and you’re free to take pictures from different sides while having fun inside, especially if you are a fan of history also if you’re Buddhist, this is a very beautiful holy place of around the world.

Is it worth it to visit the Ananda temple?

Inside Ananda temple is like a museum. You will feel grateful, I can promise you. It is because the place is worth it. The price is also cheap, only 25000 kyats or same as 20 dollars!

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