Haeinsa Temple in Korea as One of the Biggest Buddhist Temple in South Korea

Haeinsa Temple in Korea as One of the Biggest Buddhist Temple in South Korea
Haeinsa Temple in Korea as One of the Biggest Buddhist Temple in South Korea

Buddhism Articles. All of the people have realized that Korea, especially the South Korea is not one nation with a lot of Buddhist people. However, you cannot let that kind of thing away since there is Haeinsa Temple on this country. Yes, the Haeinsa Temple can be considered as one of the biggest Buddhist temple that you can find in South Korea. Even though most of the population in South Korea is not the Buddhist, that alone cannot destroy the fact that one of the biggest and most attractive temples based on the Buddhism religion is located on this country.

His temple cannot be considered as one common temple that you can find in South Korea. It is true that the size of this temple is something that might attract many visitors to come to this temple, but there is also one historical part of this temple that also attracts the people and visitor to come to this temple. For your information, this temple is said t be built before the first millennia. The Haiensa Buddhist temple is said to be built around the year of 800. The first idea of building this temple started from two native monks of South Korean. Many people said that they have earned the forgiveness in their life from the Buddha and because of that too, they want to build something as the symbol of their thankful to Buddha that has saved their life.

Since the first day the temple was standing still, Haeinsa Temple has been dealing with a lot of reconstructions and renovations. That is because the materials of this temple are aged. As an addition to that, there are a lot of battles that happened during those years and many of those battles are using this Buddhist temple as the main base to give the protections that all of the people need. Because of that reason, it is something quite common that you will find out that the temple is destroyed after some certain war, whether the war starts from the inside or outside the South Korea country.

If in the old times this temple is used as the fortress to protect all of the people who are in need, the main function of this temple is siding and changing slowly. That is because this temple can be considered as the silent proof of the battles that had happened in the past and this temple is still standing still. Because of that reason, this temple is nowadays being used as the main tourist attraction, especially in the South Korea which most of the population is not Buddha. As an addition to that, since this temple is also very famous, it turned out that the South Korean government also has its own participation over this Buddhist temple by using one part of the temple as the kind of storage room for something called the National Treasure. If you are curious about that, then you will need to visit Haeinsa Temple and find out the National Treasure on your own.

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