The Old Times Buddhist Temple of Bagan in Myanmar

Buddhist Temple of Bagan in Myanmar
Buddhist Temple of Bagan in Myanmar

Buddhism Articles. Many people might have known Bagan as one area in Myanmar. That is not something wrong since Bagan is also one place in Myanmar. Even though, people are connecting the area with the amazing Bagan Buddhist temple that is located in this place. For your information, Bagan can be simply considered as the set of many temples that were built on the 13th until 16th century around the area. Actually, during those three centuries, there are more than 10 thousand temples were built, starting from the small ones to the big ones. However, as the time goes, there are merely about two thousand temples left that still have the perfect construction in Bagan.

For your information, there are some interesting things that you might want to know from Bagan that is located in Myanmar. The first one is that Bagan is also known as the archeological zone with thousands of temples. This fact alone is becoming one major thing that attracts a lot of visitors every years. As the result, you can say that this Buddhist temple is becoming one major rivals of the Angkor Wat that is located in Cambodia, not too far from Myanmar. The second thing that you might want to know is that Bagan is also knows as the city of temples. That is because there are thousands of temples that you can find on this area. In fact, there might be a lot of more temples that are a little bit ruined to be found on this area. Among all of those temples, some of the most famous ones are Ananda, Myinkaba, and Shwezigon Temple.

The next one is the main transportation to travel and see all of the temples on the area. Basically, most of the people were walking from one temple to other temples. That is because by walking you can see everything in details. However, if your time is limited to see all of the temples, then you can simply use the air balloon to see all of the temples in an instance. The air balloon that you can find on this Buddhist temple becomes a major helper for those who want to see all of the temples in a flash. If you are using the air balloon, you will be able to see everything in a short time and you will be able to pick the next spot that you want to visit after you land upon the air balloon. For your information, the air balloon was introduced not long ago as the mean to attract and help more tourists to learn about the beauty of the temple.

Those are some things that you might want to know from this temple. If you are interested in knowing more things about this Buddhist temple, then you will need to visit the area of Bagan. However, you might want to spend at least two to three days if you want to make sure that you have reached every spots that you can visit in Bagan since the area is totally vast.

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