The Amazing Gold Buddha Temple in Laos

The Amazing Gold Buddha Temple in Laos
The Amazing Gold Buddha Temple in Laos

Buddhism Articles. If you are visiting Laos, you will surely be able to find the amazing Buddhist temple in this country. The name is That Luang Temple. If you are curious, the name of That Luang is derived from the big golden Buddha that you can find on this temple. That is why the temple is named That Luang or the great statue. Other than the big Buddha statue on this temple, this temple is also known as one of the oldest temples that you can find in Asia. That is because from many studies, this temple has been proved that the temple is built on the third century. That means, this temple has been standing still for more than 17 centuries.

For your information, this temple was firstly built for the Hindu, not the Buddha. However, after many years have passed, the Buddhists are taking over the temple and the temple is now used for the Buddhist temple. Besides that thing, there is another amazing thing from this temple. It is the collapse of this temple. If you have found many temples that have been standing still for many years even with a lot of renovations, this temple is different. That is because on the time around 13th century, this temple is totally collapsed and became a ruin. After more than three centuries, the temple was started to be built again, in 16th century.

If you are interested on the overall model and design of this temple, then you will need to know that this temple is representing the three main aspects of doctrine of the Buddha. The first level is a statue with the height of 223 feet. The second is the statue with the maximum height of 226 feet. The last statue on this Buddhist temple has the maximum height of 98 feet. All of those statues on three different levels are meant to show the whole world about the basic three different level of principles that all of the Buddhists have.

This temple is not only considered as one of the oldest temple in Laos, but also the biggest one that you can find in Laos. That is because the area of this temple is very fast so that you will need a full day if you want to simply explore all of the parts of this temple. Since this temple is very vast, you can say that you are fortunate enough when you are visiting this Buddhist temple. That is because in those vast areas you will be able to find the nice looking sceneries that will be nice to watch. Because of that reason too, this temple is becoming one nice tourism objects that you can find in Laos, especially if you are looking to have the nice religious tourism in Laos. For the transportation to go in and out of this area, you will not need to worry about anything. That is because this place is very famous so that you can easily get the access of this temple.

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