Largest Stupa Boudhanath in Nepal

Largest Stupa Boudhanath in Nepal
Largest Stupa Boudhanath in Nepal

Buddhism Articles. We know there are so many luxury places around the world and one of them is Boudhanath Temple. I think that the stupas looks very unique. The gold color makes the white temple elegant and we will think that it is located in Dubai instead of suburb of Khatmandu, Nepal.

What’s the story behind The Holy Stupa?

If you visit the Boudhanath, you may not realize that there is a unique thing on top of the temple, it is the stupa. When you realize it, you can see the stupa has two eyes and my history teacher ever told me there is a legend saying that once in Nepal, there lived a very grumpy, rude and irreligious man and he was detested by everyone and never did anything pious in his life although he owned a shop in the city but people just didn’t come to his shop because he spoke ill to everyone. One day he died and he fell straight to hell then just before he was to be sentenced for his sins, the Buddha appeared to nullified his sentence, so the demons asked The Holy One why he did this and the Buddha said “Yes, this man has committed many sins in his life, but once he circled around Boudhanath while chasing a dog, he had gained a little merit; thus, the Buddha shall grant him one chance to atone.” And so, after this incident, it is believed that if a person has committed sins, they can circle around the stupa and be granted one chance to atone for their sins.

So, what can you do if you visit Boudhanath?

There are many ways to enjoy the surrounding of Boudhanath, you can follow the monks path as you circle the giant stupa clockwise while spinning the prayers wheels. There are many ways if you want to see highlights around Boudhanath, first way you can visit the Ajima or the Hariti shrine. Second way, you can also enter the stupa and climb up to the white dome for a view of the entire square. In the night, there are hundreds of candles being lit around Boudhanath, which can’t be cooler especially how perfect the scenery is and sometimes, they are also holding a festival.

How to get to the Boudhanath?

If you are in Nepal, you can get to the Boudhanath by taxi. Tourist usually get there by taxi because it is the most common form of people’s transport to the place, from Kathmandu city to Boudhanath costs around 400 rupees and don’t forget to tell the taxi driver that you want to get off at the Boudhanath Main Gates. Besides taxi, you can get there by bus too. For the more adventurous, you can try to take a mini bus from Khatmandu city. Around the Ring road, there are direct mini vans to Boudhanath, or closer to the city center from Jamal bus stop just before Rani Pokhari on Kantipath, the cost is about 25 rupees only.

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