Wat Arun as the Buddha Temple of Dawn in Thailand

Wat Arun as the Buddha Temple of Dawn in Thailand
Wat Arun as the Buddha Temple of Dawn in Thailand

Buddhism Articles. All of the people have realized that Thailand is one country with the majority of Buddhist and because of that reason, finding the attractive Buddhist temple is not something hard to do. In fact, you can simply say that there are a lot of nice and attractive temples that you can visit when you are in Thailand. Among all of those temples that you can find in Thailand, there is one nice temple that is worth to visit. The name of the temple is Wat Arun. Based on the local language, the name means the Temple of Dawn. It is not clear yet why the temple is called so, but when you are visiting this temple; you might notice that the temple looks totally gorgeous with the golden look effect in the evening. That might be one reason why this temple is called so.

This temple cannot be considered as one old temple since Wat Arun was built around the 16th century. That means, there are still a lot of other Buddhist temple that are older from this temple. Because of that reason, you might not find a lot of differences if you want to compare the old Wat Arun with the new version of Wat Arun. That is because there are not many restorations that this temple gets. However, one of the biggest changes that you can find from this temple is the pagoda. In the old times, the pagoda is not as tall as it is now. That is because the height of the pagoda has been increased until 70 meters.

If you think that a temple is only one building, then you will need to consider about that thing once again when you have visited Wat Arun. That is because this temple is quite unique. You will be able to find the main temple or the main room on the central area of this temple and you will find many small satellite temples surrounding this Buddhist temple. This might be something quite common for some temples based on the Buddhism. That is because there are some other famous temples that have the similar style like this one that are spread all over the world.

For your consideration, this temple is becoming one of the best tourism attractions that you can visit if you are in Thailand, especially if you are a Buddha. However, even though this temple has been changed slowly into the main tourist attraction in Thailand, does not mean that the main function of Wat Arun as the temple is abandoned. In fact, there are some times when Wat Arun is giving the kind of special performances to show he world about this temple. For example, when the new robe was released few years ago, the Buddhist temple is using that kind of moment to attract a lot of visitors too. Fortunately, the event was good enough so that they can also promote and market this amazing temple based on the Buddhist religion that you can find in Thailand.

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