Interesting Facts about Boudhanath Buddhist Temple in Nepal

Interesting Facts about Boudhanath Buddhist Temple in Nepal
Interesting Facts about Boudhanath Buddhist Temple in Nepal

Buddhism Articles. Nepal is not a big country, especially if you are comparing this country with many other countries on its surrounding. Its top attraction is the famous Mount Everest. For those who have never been to Nepal, you might have never heard about the Boudhanath Buddhist temple that is located in this country.

Yes, that might be something common since not all of the people know the beauty of this temple, except if they are a Buddhist. For your information, the Boudhanath is one amazing temple or Stupa that many people all around the world know. As an addition to that, there are also some nice and interesting facts about this place that only few people have known. If you are interested, then here are some of those interesting facts that might take your attention from Boudhanath.

The first one is that this temple is considered as one of the biggest temple in the world. That is because the diameter of this temple is reaching 100 meters. That is about the average size of a soccer field. With that space for this temple, you can make sure that Boudhanath is the biggest one that you can find in Nepal. The second interesting fact about this Buddhist temple is that this Boudhanath is very famous for the Tibetan. That is because this temple is one sacred temple for many of the Tibetans. Because of that reason too, you should not be shocked if there are a lot of Buddhists from Tibet who are visiting this temple in Nepal to pray or doing something similar.

The next interesting thing is that this Boudhanath was becoming the world heritage site that was released by UNESCO. This is something that only few people known. That is because the data was released by UNESCO in 1979 so that there are not many people who know about this interesting fact. The next one that you might want to know comes from the overall shape of this temple. Many people have known the shape and design of this Buddhist temple, but there are not many people who understand the meaning of the shape. You will notice that the top of this temple is reaching up high to the sky with a point. That point is believed to be the tip of an arrow that will open up the path to the heaven up above. That is why many Buddhists believe that this Boudhanath Temple is one temple that can help them to get to the nirvana.

Those are some unique and interesting facts that you might want to know from this temple. For your final consideration, this Buddhist temple might be a little bit simple if you only look from the outside. However, if you want to search for some other things from the inner parts of this temple; you will be able to find many more interesting things about the biggest temple that you can find in Nepal. Therefore, you might also want to try visiting this temple once.

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