The Amazing Borobudur Buddhist Temple in Indonesia

The Amazing Borobudur Buddhist Temple in Indonesia
Borobudur Buddhist Temple
Buddhism Articles. Borobudur is known as the biggest Buddhist temple that you can find in the world even though this temple is located in Indonesia, one country that not all of the people in the world have known. Besides that fact, this temple is also very popular among many people in the world, especially the Buddhists because this temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That is one fact that you cannot deny. If you are curious about more amazing things about this temple, then you will need to know some of these things below. That is because these things from the Borobudur Temple below will surely amaze you.

The first one is that this temple was built around the seventh century, but the construction was finished around eighth century. The construction process is estimated about 75 years. That one is considered as one long process and fortunately all of those 75 years that were spent to build this temple turned out to be something amazing. As an addition to the construction process, there is no detail about the pioneer of this Buddhist temple. That means, it is still a mystery about the first man who had the idea of building this temple, especially why the temple is located in Indonesia with the majority of Moslems. Still relating the next unique fact with its construction, you might be shocked that this temple is considered as one of the most complex building that human ever created. Even until this time, there are rarely buildings that have the complex structure and design such as the Borobudur Temple, not to mention that this temple was built on the seventh century.

Unlike many other temples in the world that has the simple looking design on the wall, the Borobudur Temple has the amazing low relief on all of the parts of its wall. That is the next amazing thing that you can get from this Buddhist temple. Many people believed that all of the reliefs that you can find on the walls are telling you the story about the construction of this temple. However, there is no detail study about this kind of things, but many people believed that.

The last thing that might attract your attention is the fact that there are some stages or levels of this temple with its own meanings. As an addition to that, in every level or stage of this temple, there are a lot of Buddha statues that can be considered as the guardian of each level or stage. For example, the central dome or the top area of this temple has more than 50 Buddha statues and the number is increasing on the lower level below. If you want to count, you will be able to find more than two thousands Buddha statues on this Buddhist temple. Getting the conclusion from all of those information above, it is not much if you want to say that this temple is one wonderful temple of the Buddhist all over the world. That is because this Borobudur Temple is totally amazing.

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