The Buddha Enlightenment in Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple

The Buddha Enlightenment in Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple
The Buddha Enlightenment in Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple

Buddhism Articles. India can be considered as the base of all of the Buddhists in the world. That is because the majority of the people in India are Buddhist. Because of that reason too, you can find the amazing Buddhist temple in India named Mahabodhi Temple. This temple is considered as one of the sacred temples in the world. That is because this temple is believed as the place where the Great Buddha got the enlightenment while meditating under the fig tree on he place where the temple is located at the time. Besides that fact, there are also some other unique and hard to believe facts that are circling around this amazing Mahabodhi Temple such as follows.

The first one is that there are some times over the year when many monks are giving a lot of offerings to the tree. That is because they believed that the tree is the home of Buddha. At least, that tree is the place where Buddha got the enlightenment when Buddha was meditating there. As an addition to that, you will be shocked that most of those monks were praying for a numerous of times on the tree that is located on this Buddhist temple. That is because there are some monks that will pray until a million times on every stretch of the tree. That one is very amazing, even for the traditional and sacred offerings.

The next one is the fact that this temple is still standing still until this time. If you remember about the Islamic case in Burma, you might also know that this temple was bombed around the same time, in 2013. The temple was bombed by the Moslem in India as the result of that event in Burma. However, it is something amazing that the temple is standing still even though the five bombs were predicted to be able to destroy at least half of the castle. However, the fact is that the bombs only destroy none less than 10 percents of its structure. The next unique thing about this Buddhist temple is the time when the Bodhi tree is not growing. You need to know that there was a time when this sacred tree is not growing at all and amazingly, that thing affected all of the living things on the area of this temple. During that time, none other living beings that have been living on the area is growing. The other trees are not growing; the same applied to the grasses around the area. This is something that can only happened based on the will of God.

Those are few additional things that might be totally amazing and amazing for many people. For your information, this Buddhist temple is considered as the sacred place of all of the Buddhists all over the world. Therefore, it is just something common that many amazing things happened around this temple since the first time this temple was built. If you are a Buddhist, you will surely need to visit this temple.

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